Fair and Lovely Face Cream Blemish Balm (18gm)

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  • Fair & Lovely BB cream is an expert Fairness Cream that gives you a Makeup Finish.
  • It gives you a Makeup Look which is neither too little, nor too much – Just Right!
  • Designed with the right balance of foundation and fairness cream, it blends seamlessly into your skin giving you the Just Right Makeup look.
  • “Its Foundation instantly covers spots, blemishes, dark circles and dullness while its Multivitamin fairness cream goes deep* into your skin to give you expert fairness.
  • “Its SPF 15+ protects your fairness in the sun and its matte texture leaves your face feeling non-oily and bright through the day!
  • Now Get the makeup look you always desired, without looking made up!


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