Skin Cafe 100% Natural Essential Oil – Lemongras (10ml)

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Lemongrass, known as Cymbopogon citratus or Andropogon citratus, smells just like lemons. However, lemongrass is milder, sweeter and less sour compared to lemons. The grass is mainly used in Chinese and Thai recipes and as well as in beverages, deserts, tea and so forth. The benefits you will get using the oil of Skin café are –

    • Stops abnormal hair loss and falling of teeth.
    • Keeps blood flow normal via construction of blood vessels.
    • Diminish the insomnia problem.
    • Reduces as body odor.
    • Mitigates depression.
    • Inhibit microbial growth.

Suggested use

      • The astringent property of lemongrass promotes the construction of skin, hair follicles, blood vessels and muscles.
      • Message your scalp with the oil and it will downsize the hair fall. Moreover, use this oil to stop falling of teeth.


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