Skin Cafe 100% Natural Jojoba Oil (120ml)

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Skin Cafe Natural Jojoba Oil is produced from seeds of jojoba plant. This oil is one of the most beneficial oils of Skin Café considering hair cares and skin benefits. In fact, the oil can be used with other essential oil or alone. This oil is used by not only women but also men.

Benefits of Skin Cafe Natural Jojoba Oil

    • Treats oily scalp.
    • Helps maintaining hair color.
    • Helps in hair growth, downsizes hair loss, hair follicle and mushrooms shine to hair.
    • Moisturizes and cleans skin, scalp and hair.
    • Mitigates sun tan.
    • Impedes razor burn.
    • Diminishes crushed sebum.
    • Remedy of under eye dark circle.

Suggested use

      • Hair: massage the scalp with jojoba essential oil. It will increase your blood circulation in scalp and it also helps impede the growth of hair follicles. Thus, hair loss stops. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of the oil keep dry scalp healthy and thus if you are having dandruff, dry scalp as well as psoriasis on scalps, using the essential oil you will come round from these problems.


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