Skin Cafe Beauty Grade 100% Pure Almond Oil (120ml)

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Skin Cafe Beauty Almond Oil is them who are looking for hair care such as dandruff free and shiny hair. For moisturized skin this oil is very imperative.

Benefits of Skin Cafe Beauty Almond Oil

    • Vanishes dead cell.
    • Keeps hair soft and dehydrated if done massage after bath.
    • Cure for thinning hair and hair loss.
    • Makes hair long and healthy.
    • Rough and chapped lips get soft and pink using the oil.
    • Can be used as hand and foot cream.
    • Diminish under eyes dark circle if massaged in the exact place.

Suggested use

Our oil can be used as versatile oil.

      • For instance, you can be able to use the oil to downsize dark circle, tan and dandruff. Moreover, use the oil as makeup remover.
      • Hair: For moisturizing your scalp apply the oil two to three times a week and massage your scalp precisely. Moving on next, soak a towel in hot water and wrap up your head with the towel. This process will downsize your abnormal hair fall.


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