NV-588 (15.5 CFT) (Four Drawer) Red/ Black/Blue/ Green With Flower

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Special Features:

1.worldwide famous compressor

2.Japanese nano technology

3.Eco Friendly

4.Best cooling system

5.Foods keeping fresh and natural

6.High thickness door

7.During load shedding does not damage your foods

8.গ্লাস ডোর তাই জীবনেও মরীচা ধরবে না

9. Nova Refrigerator keeps food fresh and healthy during 48 hours without electricity


Key Features:

1. Nova Freezer Keep food in good shape even without electricity for 48 HOURS.

2. Compressor Mechanical Made by Taiwan

3. Fast & Deep Freezing Ability

4. Thermal Protective Save Compressor

5. The Best Environmental Solution

6. Antibacterial & De-deodorization Technology

7. Luxurious Appearance

8. Low Noise and Power Consumption

9. Wide Temperature & Wide Voltage Design Adjustable Stalinite Food Shelves

10. Built-in Condenser

11. Adjustable Slide-Wheel Feet Design

12. Insulation Foaming System

13. 15.5(CFT)/ 236 Ltr

14. Drower : Yes


for compressor 10 years, gas service 1year, spare parts 1year



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