SAMSUNG 32" Smart HD Flat LED TV | K4300 | Series 4

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Enjoy truly Lifelike picture quality with the sound of a movie theater with Samsung K series 32" TV. 



Your space. Your unique lifestyle.

TVs always get the final say where the couch goes. We want to shake things up, and give you the freedom to decorate the way you want to, not the way you have to. So we bring you Joiiii. It’s fun, playful and unique, and it goes anywhere. Best of all? It fits your lifestyle, not the other way around. 


Tailored design. Simply iconic.


Joiiii breaks boundaries. Its smooth, clean design blends in anywhere, yet the playful color doesn’t get buried. Now, you have the freedom to tailor your TV to your own lifestyle. Finally, a  Flat TV that fits you.


A Perfect fit, all 360 degreesA perfect fit. All 360 degrees.

No messy wires. No unsightly air vents. Just one cord for a smooth back that looks great anywhere. So put Joiiii by the wall, in the middle of the room, or on a stand by the bed. It’s unique, but blends in beautifully.



 4 legs. 2 different looks.

4 legs. 2 different looks.


We couldn’t give Joiiii a set of wings, so we opted for unique metallic legs that fit into the built-in holes in seconds. The front ones are longer and can be reversed in seconds for a downward tilt [80cm(32") only]. Perfect for bedtime TV. 



Every pixel. Clear as crystal.


Vivid details. Bright colors. Dynamic visuals. Joiiii’s noise reducing and color-and-contrast enhancing technology refine every picture, so you aren’t just watching a movie, you’ll be part of it.


Joiiii for the whole family

Joiiii adapts to fit your needs, and it’s perfect for every member of the family, especially seniors. With a quick switch, it gives your grandparents clearer images and crisp, more audible sound. Now everyone can see and hear equally well.




Joiiii, a modern day jukebox with the best sound



Haven’t you ever wanted your own personal jukebox

Well, now you can. Joiiii pumps out some awesome sound, and all you have to do is connect your phone with Bluetooth and press play on your favorite playlist.



Helping your Smart TV go the distance





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